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A-933 Hydro Swivel AssyS-013 Pressure Vessel Lid Seals

M-407 Hydro/Vac Adapter

M-407 Hydro/Vac AdapterThe Hydro/Vac Adapter (M-407) adapts the P-400 Hollow Bit to any SDS Plus drill. For dry concrete using the Vac Swivel Head (P405), Vac Cleaning Connection (P-400), and the Vac Tubing (P-788), enables the user to extract the drilling dust and any contaminants from the crack opening a clear path for the injection resin.

If the concrete is damp, use the Hydro Swivel Assy (A-933). Water is introduced through supple nylon tubing connected to a Delrin swivel. The water flushes the debris from the socket as it is generated. The hydro system is very thorough, keeping hairline fissures free of impacted debris.

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