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CD70 Epoxy Dispenser




The CD70 is a two component positive displacement dispenser designed for the metering and mixing of abrasive free epoxy resins. It is ideal for the anchoring of dowel bars in highway and airport runway applications as well as setting plow-able pavement markers.

Bulk material is is supplied to the CD70 from transfer pumps. These pumps can be pulling material from 55 gallon drums or even 5 gallon pails.

A Flow Management Kit adds the Remote Trigger Assembly and the Twin Shut-off Valve for a simple remote controlled delivery of metered and mixed epoxy resin. Using plastic disposable mixers, clean-up is nothing more than removing the disposable mixer from the Twin Shuf-off valve and disposing of it.

"Shot sizing" capability enables the operator to select the exact dosage of resin required. This feature eliminates overfilling, underfilling, and the wasting of material.

All weather pneumatic operation is not sensitive to air pressure fluctuations, while a source of clean, dry compressed air is important.



  • Dowel Bar Anchoring
  • Bonding Pavement Markers
  • Hydrant Service
  • Industrial Potting and Filling Operations


  • All pneaumatic operation
  • Positive piston displacement
  • Patented "COCO" ball valves
  • Long lasting, wear compensation seals
  • Fixed ratio
  • Hard stop Shot-Sizing
  • Dimensions: 36" long x 15" wide x 18" tall
  • Weight: 75 pounds
  • Dispense pressure: 10 - 850 psi
  • Ratio accuracy +/-.5%
  • Air requirements: 80-120psi @ 15 cfm
  • Maximum delivery rate: 70gph ( depends on temp. & viscosity)
  • Viscosity range: 50cps - gel viscosity
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